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แบบทดสอบหลังเรียน (10 คะแนน)


1. Which of these is a Compound word ?

a.  a clever boy                                    b.  a light meal

c.  an iron gate                                     d.  a close friend

2. These is a………………blouse.

a.  well-dressing                                  b.  badly-dressed

c.  good-dressed                                  d.  bad-dressed

3. Somsri helped me to sell things in the shop.

a.  an assistant shop                             b.  a shop assistant

c.  a helper shop                                  d.  a shopping helper

4. A servant who suffers a long time is……….. .

a.  a long-suffering servant                 b.  a longed-suffering servant

c.  a long-suffered servant                  d.  a long-suffer servant

5. His grandmother is old, she has grey hair. She is a…………….woman.

a.  grey hair old                                   b.  old-grey hair

c.  grey-haired old                               d.  grey-old-hair

6. If that man is forty years old, we always call him…………. .

a.  a middle-aged man                         b.  a aged- middle man

c.  a man middle-aged                         d.  a middle-age man

7. This machine is use for sewing. It is called………………….. .

a.  a sew machine                                b.  a machine sewing

c.  a sewing-machine                           d.  sewing a machine

8. If the floor, walls and ceiling of a room are made so that sound cannot pass through them, we say that the room is…………….. .

a.  sound-proof                                    b.  sounded-proof

c.  proof-sound                                    d.  proofed-sound

9. She said that she saw the………… going into the shop.

a.  thirty-year-old                                b.  thirty-years-old

c.  thirty-old-year                                d.  old-thirty-years

10. They are looking forward to…………… .

a.  vacation’s week                              b.  a vacation of the week

c.  a week’s vacation                           d.  a week of vacation



1. C     2. B     3. B     4. A     5. C     6. A     7. C     8. A     9. A     10. C




จำนวน 10 ข้อ

1. A toothbrush is a brush used for cleaning the _____ .

a) teeth                 b) hair

c) clothes             d) feet


2. A sweetheart is a person who another _____ .

a) hates                b) loves

c) dislike              d) doesn’t love


3. A dining room is a room where _____ is served.

a) dinner              b) rice

c) meal                 d) breakfast


4. The housekeeping is the _____ a house.

a) care for            b) cleaning

c) building            d) sweeping


5. The son-in-law is the _____ of one’s daughter.

a) friend               b) husband

c) son                   d) daughter


6. A landlady is a _____ who rents land, houses, or apartments to other people.

a) man                  b) person

c) woman             d) nurse


7. A landowner is a _____ who owns land, houses, or apartments.

a) person              b) man

c) woman             d) doctor


8. A darkroom is a room in which _____ are developed.

a) books               b) photographs

c) cars                  d) bicycles


9. Somsri helped me to sell things in the shop. We called her _____.

a) an assistant shop       b) a shop assistant

c) a helper shop             d) a shopping helper


10. This machine is used for sewing. It is called _____ .

a) a sew machine           b) a machine sewing

c) a sewing-machine     d) sewing a machine